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Fulghum Well and Pump Service started back in 1985 when the owner, Joel Fulghum first started digging wells. It all started when Joel Fulghum needed to have a well for his property and decided he would dig his own well by hand. He was so fascinated by the entire process that he wanted to learn more and started to hand dig wells in the local area.

Fulghum was tenacious and a hard worker: these qualities began to be recognized by customers. When Fulghum kept going day after day to dig in the scorching sun and through the hard earth until he got water, one of his customers gave Fulghum the nickname “Killer Driller” because he was one tough son of a gun.

After a year of digging wells by hand, Fulghum started acquiring scrap metal and parts from the junk yard to put together his own drilling rig.

Over the years, more trucks, drilling rigs and employees have been added to the business. The business has grown from its humble beginnings founded on honesty, hard-work and determination.

Today, Fulghum Well and Pump Service has three drilling rigs and three service trucks ready to fill the needs of our customers. Joel Fulghum’s sons, Sharrod and Kyle, are following in their father’s footsteps and are some of the well technicians that are available to go out on the trucks.

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